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Steigner is a German brand offering a wide range of materials for construction and renovation. The high quality of our products makes them the top choice recommended by professionals throughout Europe. A wide selection of sizes, colours and models allows for a custom fit depending on our customer’s needs. Steigner products can be found in public spaces and in a wide variety of industries. Steigner products are often chosen as replacement parts.
In our permanent offer you can find window and door seals, shower seals, barrier-free shower trays, bathroom waterproofing materials (liquid rubber, sealing membranes, etc.), sealing ropes, garage thresholds, bubble wrap and many other accessories.
All our products can be purchased on Amazon and eBay sales platforms.

Shower seals

Shower enclosure seals are made of PVC, which makes them resistant to UV radiation, mould, fungi and cleaning products. The installation is quick and easy. Regularly cleaned seal can effectively protect from water leakage.
Steigner shower seals are available in three variants: straight, curved and magnetic. This allows for optimal match to any shower cabin.

Garage thresholds

Garage thresholds protect the gap between the gate and the floor so insects, water, dust or snow can not get inside. The garage threshold reduces heat escaping from your garage, in turn keeping your home warmer.
Steigner garage seals are made of EPDM, which is resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation and temperature changes. It does not age or crack. Check out all garage door threshold models from Steigner.

Barrier-free shower trays

Steigner barrier-free shower trays are a popular and innovative way to design your bathroom. The tray is mounted into the floor. It can then be covered with tiles or mosaics. It is free of architectural restrains and gives the bathroom a modern look.
The construction is based on EPS board covered with reinforcing and sealing layers. The number and type of coatings depend on the type of board. Our offer includes four types: Mineral BASIC, Mineral PLUS, Mineral PROFI and a tray with a build in waterproof membrane. Steigner's assortment includes linear and point drains, sealing membranes and tapes, liquid rubber and liquid primer.

Modern and dry bathroom

Linear and point drains

All Steigner shower trays have a factory-made hole for linear or point drains. They can also be adapted to suffice a wall drain. The surface of the shower tray is appropriately contoured, creating a drop of 2.5%, thanks to which water flows straight towards the hole. When choosing a drain, one must remember the fundamental differences between them.

Point drain is relatively small and shaped like a square stainless steel grate. The drain can be custom placed anywhere on the shower tray, i.e. in the middle (central drain), in the corner or on the edge (decentralized). There are two types of point drains to choose from: horizontal, with 42 l/min drain capability, or vertical, with 66 l/min capability.

A linear drain is one of the most fashionable bathroom elements. Steigner models have various lengths and six grill patterns choose from (including one with a space for your own tile). Linear drain is characterized by the slowest water drainage rate, 36 l/min.

Choosing a drain depends on the needs and preferences of its future owner. All types of drains are easy to install and maintain.

Waterproofing a bathroom

Did you know that water can get into walls and floor not only due to flooding, but also because of high humidity? Moisture permeates even through grout between tiles. Therefore, when renovating a bathroom, the key step is to protect the surface from subsequent contact with water. Particularly exposed are areas around the sink, bathtub or shower. Best protection from moisture damage is to protect your bathroom with professional waterproofing materials.

To create a waterproof layer in your bathroom all you need is primer, waterproof membrane (a mat) and liquid rubber. Waterproof membrane (just like the tape, corners and pipe collar) is made of polyethylene fibers, which is characterized by it’s high resistance to water as well as tearing. This mat combined with liquid rubber make for a durable coat resistant to water, that retains it’s properties until your next renovation. Waterproofing guarantees wall dryness, thus reducing the risk of fungi or mold developing under the tiles.

Steigner assortment includes all the materials necessary to create a sophisticated and dry bathroom.

Seals for your home

Brush seals

You can forget about loud drawers and cabinets with our brush seals. Steigner brush seals effectively reduce squeaks, mute sliding doors and help to keep you warm. Thousands of fine bristles of polypropylene fibers are placed on a flexible, self-adhesive strip that adapts to any surface.

Brush fibers are made of polypropylene, a durable and flexible plastic. The bristles are fracture resistant and retain their impeccable appearance. In addition the seal is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Steigner offers brush seals in several sizes and colours (beige, gray, brown). They can easily be adapted to furniture or doors. The elements are made with care and are aesthetically pleasing.

Window and door seals

We care about the insulation of your home. Steigner window and door seals are high quality elements that will ensure proper air flow, protect you from rainfall and prevent insects from getting in. What’s more, our seals will help reduce heating costs by up to 35%!

All Steigner window and door seals are resistant to extreme temperatures (from -50°C or -58°F to 60°C or 140°F), UV radiation, ozone and various weather conditions. Such durable seals will protect the interior of your home from heat, frost, rain, snow, noise, dust or insects.

Sealing profiles

Steigner offers various seals suitable for windows (including roof windows) and PVC, wood and aluminum doors. A wide range of seals allows you to adjust the color and shape of the seal to the gap. There are several dozen models available made from TPE, EPDM and silicone in different profiles, sizes and colours.

EPDM, TPE and silicone are materials with excellent insulating properties. They are characterized by high resistance to deformation or crushing therefore they will last for many years without getting damaged.


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