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Welcome to Steigner B2B!

Are you a distributor or a seller and would like to introduce our products in your offer? Become a Steigner business partner and take advantage of the attractive terms of cooperation!

Steigner B2B is an affiliate program that enables fruitful business cooperation between the producer and the distributor. Operating on the German and European market, we have extensive experience in the rapid and efficient delivery of products, thanks to which we enjoy a positive opinion among our customers. The basis of Steigner B2B cooperation is a continuous commercial development supported by a well-thought-out sales strategy, which is beneficial to both parties.


White label service
As part of White Label, we offer the production of accessories according to your concept. If you want to distribute our products under your own brand, you do not have to worry about pre-ordering goods and renting warehouses. We approach each business partner individually, which is why we operate on terms that we set up together. Products may have your trademarks or be completely devoid of them. The choice is yours.
Drop shipping
The drop shipping service allows you to sell your business partner's products without having to store them. We, as a producer, and you as a distributor, share tasks. How does it look in practice? After accepting an order from a customer, you provide us with the necessary data and we deal with the shipment. In this way, client's waiting time for the order is shortened, and you do not incur any costs associated with renting a warehouse.
Customized products
As a manufacturer, we are able to create a product line that takes into account all your wishes. How is this process executed? First, we sit down together to discuss design details. Then we create the project consisting of drawings and technical information. Once it's accepted, we start production and you get your desired products.
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