Shower seal – How does it work?

Shower seal – How does it work?

Straight, rounded or magnetic shower seal – several models to chose from. Inconspicuous, almost invisible, but play a key role in maintaining a dry bathroom. Shower seals are an essential element of every shower enclosure.

Shower seals – every model has it’s purpose

Depending on the design of the shower enclosure, you may need a straight, curved or magnetic shower seal. The former are most often used to seal off rectangular cabins. Straight shower seals retain their shape and do not bent. Curved shower seals are appropriately contoured and adapted to the angle of semi-round or circular enclosures. Magnetic seals are usually used in order to seal off shower doors, making the connection tight and waterproof. Universal magnetic shower seals are equipped with a 24N/cm magnet, which allows for the door to be properly closed and at the same time easy to open.

Structure is half of the success

Seals for cabins consist of two types of PVC – they are made from soft PVC (70 Sh’a D) and hard PVC (80 Sh’a D). The seal adheres perfectly to the surface, is stable and at the same time does not lose its elasticity. Each seal is intended for a specific glass thicknesses ranging from 5 to 8 mm. Simple models like shower seal UK33, have two wings – a short one and a long one. This design guarantees maximum protection from water leakage. The flexible wing (drip tray) adapts to the gap that you are trying to protect with the shower seal.

Why having a shower seal is important?

Shower profiles are PVC made. This makes them 100% waterproof. Strong and durable plastic does not react with moisture or harmful cleaning agents. In addition, it is resistant to mould, fungi and UV radiation. In order for the shower enclosure functionality to be adequate, the installation of a shower seal is essential. Their lack, can lead to permanent damage to the shower and the entire bathroom, due to mildew.

New from Steigner

Steigner recently introduced a new model of a straight seal – UK33. Available in two sizes, it is suitable for glass 5-6 mm and 7-8 mm thick. This shower seal is effective and does not crumble, it will serve for many years without being damaged. The maximum length of one segment is 200 cm but you can easily trim it to suit your needs. Installation of UK33 also does not cause much trouble. All you need to do is align the shower seal with the glass and press it on until it snaps. If its too difficult, you may lubricate the glass with a tiny bit of dish washing fluid.

It is important to remember that the shower seal must be precisely adjusted to the cabin door. Therefore, make sure you choose the correct seal thickness and length. There are dozens of types of seals available on the market, so even the most individual and intricate designer will find something that will suit their needs. You may find our shower seals on our Amazon online store.

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