Fireplace sealing ropes: ceramic and fiberglass differences

Fireplace sealing ropes: ceramic and fiberglass differences

Security ropes and tapes designed to seal off fireplaces, stoves, boilers, and fire doors have to be made of high temperature resistant materials. These include ceramic fiber and fiberglass. Would you like to know the difference between fireplace sealing ropes? Read on!

Ceramic fireplace sealing ropes – properties

Ceramic fiber is formed by spinning molten silicon and aluminum oxides. It is characterized by low thermal conductivity and high chemical resistance. What’s more, the ceramic fiber is flexible, durable and can withstand temperatures above 1200°C (2192°F). Ceramic rope does not ignite, only melts.

Although ceramic fiber is less dusty and does not irritate like fiberglass, its contact with skin, eyes and respiratory tract is not recommended.

At our online store on Amazon you will find ceramic fireplace sealing ropes from Steigner available in eight sizes. A ceramic fireplace seal has a square cross-section, which significantly simplifies its installation.

Fiberglass fireplace sealing ropes – properties

A second equally popular fireplace seal is a fiberglass rope. Although they serve the same, they differ in the material they are made out of, in shape, durability and assembly. This type of sealing rope is also less resistant to high temperatures. Fiberglass sealing rope can tolerate heat up to 550°C (1022°F). It begins to soften at 840°C (1544°F).

Fiberglass fireplace sealing rope is round, making its installation more difficult. A poorly conducted assembly may result in unsightly glue streaks. Exception is the self-adhesive fiberglass sealing tape.

Fiberglass rope can dust and prick. It should not be touched without protective gloves due to possible irritation of skin, eyes and airways. Also be careful when opening the package so you don’t breath in the dust.

The choice is yours

Both types of seals can be found in our Amazon store. Fiberglass ropes are available in white and dark gray versions. Fireplace tapes are only available in black. Size selection of sealant should be compared with the size of the gap. Can you not decide between ceramic and fiberglass sealing ropes? Our customer care can answer your questions. Call or write to us!

When installing a sealing rope, remember to choose the correct adhesive. Glue should be high heat resistant. Jumbo Shop offer also includes ST-1000 thermal adhesive. It attaches the rope perfectly and is able to withstand temperatures up to 950°C (1742°F).

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