Reliable packing materials

Reliable packing materials

Anyone who has ever moved or shipped items knows how important it is pack them correctly and prepare them for transport. Packing tape and bubble wrap offered by Steigner are two most useful packing materials you will ever need.

Bubble wrap- a wonderful packing accessory

Steigner’s bubble wrap is ideally suited for protecting fragile and delicate items such as cups, saucers, home appliances or electronics, glass and jewelry. Thousands of small air-filled bubbles absorb all shocks, effectively protecting packed items through travel. Bubble wrap is also useful when securing sharp edges on objects, such as frames or mirrors.

Bubble wrap is available in three widths: 30 cm, 50 cm and 100 cm. Importantly, each fragment is reusable until bubbles are no longer filled with air. Bubble wrap is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which makes it flexible, durable and waterproof. It adapts to wrapped object and is great as a filler in shipment, so the items do not move during transport.

Packing tape

Steigner packaging tape is a sure way to protect cartons when moving, in transport or storage. Tapes adhere perfectly to the surface of a box, do not peel off and are resistant to weather conditions.

Steigner offers three types of packing tapes available on Amazon: Standard, Extra and Premium. Depending on the model, the polypropylene film (BOPP) is covered with acrylic adhesive (Standard), a mixture with properties similar to hot-melt adhesive (Extra) or solvent glue (Premium). All offered wrapping tapes have a length of about 55 m (1 roll) and width of 48 mm. Each tape is available in a transparent and brown versions.

Packing tape’s properties

Application and properties of tapes depend on the model chosen. Premium adhesive tape is the strongest variant. It can be used in difficult conditions, for example in cold stores and in industrial places, for wrapping heavy cartons and packages. It will be useful in any company that sends out goods. Premium adhesive tape is tear resistant and it doesn’t crack. It bonds extremely well.

Packing tape Extra is intended for securing packages and medium-weight boxes. It is resistant to moisture, UV radiation and various weather conditions, but it should be used at temperatures above 5°C and on a clean, dry surface. Tape that behaves similarly is Standard adhesive tape, however, it is the weakest tape available and it should be used in the office and at home when wrapping light cartons.

How to package glass?

While packing and securing cartons with home items, it may be difficult to protect glass or ceramic objects. To minimize the risk of damage to such an article, wrap it tightly with bubble wrap several times. Make sure that the film adheres to it and then secure it with packing tape, like the Standard version. Put the item in a carton/box filled with bubble wrap or a special inserts. Then tape up the package with adhesive tape, preferably the Premium version. Finished!

We are at your disposal

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