Magnetic shower seals: which one to choose?

Magnetic shower seals: which one to choose?

Did you know that to seal off a shower enclosure you can use several different types of seals? Each of them is designed to secure a specific size gap. Just like the bottom seal secures the gap between the door and the shower tray, magnetic shower seals allow for the shower doors to close securely.

How is a magnetic shower seal constructed?

Magnets in the shower seal attract with a force of 24 N/cm. The element that encloses magnet is made of PVC material. The seal is resistant to deformation, cleaning agents, crushing, and it is also waterproof. Use of PVC with two types of hardness allowed to obtain both a durable and flexible shower seal.

In order for the shower enclosure to be sealed, the magnets should adhere to each other. Over time, after long use of the cabin or lack of proper care, magnets may not attract as they did in the beginning. This will lead to self-opening of the door while showering and water running out. That’s when the magnetic shower seal should be replaced.

How to install magnetic shower seals?

Like all shower seals, a magnetic seal should be picked to snugly fit onto the glass door. That’s why measuring glass thickness is very important before placing an order. When deciding on a set of two magnetic shower seals, select it by checking the angle at which shower doors meet. At our online store on Amazon you will find 6 magnetic shower seals  and sets of seals designed for 90°, 135° and 180° cabin enclosures.

Once you have chosen the appropriate magnetic shower seal, or a set of magnetic shower seals, you may proceed with installation. Apply the seal to a cleaned and dried surface and press it on until you hear it snap into place. Repeat this process in case of a set of seals. After seals are snapped onto the glass, it is very difficult to move them. That’s why you should make sure they are placed in the appropriate place.

If you are having difficulty trying to push the seal onto glass, we suggest using a little bit of dish soap. If the magnetic seal is too loose, you may use a tiny bit of transparent silicone.

In search of best model …

Steigner Customer Service Office is happy to help you choose the best sealing kit or seal. We cut shower seals to the required length per customer’s request. Do you have any questions? Write or call us!

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