Linear drain- five reasons why

Linear drain- five reasons why

If you are renovating a bathroom and are considering choosing a drain, we recommend looking into a linear drain. Why? Here are 5 reasons why this type of outflow can be called a perfect solution.

Stainless steel construction

Steigner’s linear drain is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. It is resistant to rust after a prolonged contact with water. Despite passage of time, steel does not lose its properties, always delighting in gloss and high quality.

Linear drain- a stylish look

One of the advantages of Steigner’s linear drain, is the option to choose the pattern that best suits you. Our offer includes six variants: from geometric shapes to a smooth texture and the option of covering the drain with your own tiles. This choice allows you to pick just the right design that will embellish your bathroom, to look jut the way you want it to. Importantly, the pattern has no effect on the flow of water.

linear drain Steigner

Clever design

Linear drain is not only modern and aesthetic. It is also a solution free of architectural barriers, often incorporated with a barrier-free shower tray. Linear drain can be mounted anywhere on the board. A walk-in shower cubicle (shower tray installed in the floor also called barrier-free) with a linear drain extends the room optically. Cleaning the drain is possible after removing the cover (grate).

Metal feet allow you to adjust the height of the outflow. Full extend of the feet is 67 mm for the SDR90 and 105 mm for the SDR360.

Two variants to choose from

Although the outside of a linear drain looks the same, SDR90 and SDR360 linear drains differ in one element – the siphon. SDR90 model is entirely made of stainless steel, which makes it impossible to change siphon’s position. SDR360 model has a plastic siphon that rotates around its own axis.

Regardless of the model, the speed at which water is drained is the same, and it amounts to 36 l/min.


Linear drains from Steigner are available in our online store on Amazon and they are compatible with all Steigner barrier-free shower trays regardless of the model chosen (Mineral Basic, Mineral Plus, Mineral Profi, with a sealing mat). Together with waterproofing materials, they form a reliable set for a barrier-free bathroom.

Linear drain – really worth it!

If you are still thinking about a linear drain but can’t decide which model to choose, contact us. Steigner’s customer service is at your disposal and will answer all your questions about our products, its assembly and maintenance.

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