How to choose a shower seal?

How to choose a shower seal?

Shower seals can radically differ in appearance and application. That is why we are here to help our customers to choose the right one that will ideally match any bathroom arrangement.

Selecting an appropriate shower seal

Three aspects are important when choosing a shower seal. First of all, the thickness of the glass should be measured. Secondly: the place where the seal will be installed should be taken into consideration. And thirdly, in what type of shower the seal will be installed: square or half-round. When buying a seal meant to be on the bottom of a shower door, it is recommended to measure the gap between the door and the tray. Correct parameters will allow for best selection of a shower seal. A seal mounted on the side edge of the door has a different construction than the bottom seal.

Different types of shower seals are available at our online Amazon store. When selecting, pay attention to their dimensions and shape. If you have an old seal, it is worth choosing a model based on that construction.

Straight seals, rounded seals and magnetic seals

Once we know where to put the seal, know the thickness of the glass panel and the type of a cabin, we can proceed to choose the right model. Remember that the shape of the seal corresponds to the shape of the cabin (a curved seal- a semicircular cabin, a straight seal- a square or rectangular cabin). For example, to protect the gap at the bottom edge of the half-round shower door with a thickness of 5 mm, the recommended models are UK13 or UK18. Both shower seals are curved and have wings that protect the gaps from water leakage.

If it is necessary to seal the cabin off, it is worth choosing a magnetic seal. Built-in magnet with a force of 24 N/cm makes seals perfectly adhere to each other. Magnetic seals can be combined at a 90° or 180° angle.

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Replacing a seal in a shower enclosure

Once you have chosen an appropriate seal, it’s time to install it. It’s very simple – just slide it onto the door at the appropriate place and press down until it snaps on. A detailed description of the installation of the seal can be found in this article. If the seal is difficult to snap on, apply a little bit of dish soap to the glass. If the seal is too big, apply a little bit of translucent silicone.

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