Barrier-free shower tray: which one to choose?

Barrier-free shower tray: which one to choose?

A barrier-free shower has recently become one of the most popular trends in bathroom design. It is a sophisticated, yet simple and provides free accessibility. A tray built into the floor and covered with tiles is available in several variants. What’s the difference between them?

What is a barrier-free shower tray?

A barrier-free shower tray (other common names are a shower panel or a floor tray) is made of an EPS board covered with reinforcing layers. It’s structure depends on the type of a shower tray and where it will be located. Steigner offer includes four models of shower panels: reinforced with a waterproof membrane, Mineral BASIC, Mineral PLUS and Mineral PROFI. The differences between them are shown in the table below:

Shower trays

Shower trays are available in more than 20 sizes. It is also possible to create a custom shower tray, at customer’s request. In addition, each model has a drain hole (point or line) and a slanted drop of 2.5%, which makes the water flow straight to the drain.

In the prepared place, simply insert the drain and then seal it off with a waterproofing coat.

A shower tray without architectural barriers

Steigner barrier-free shower tray is not only a sophisticated and modern design. It also means comfort of use. Elderly people or those with mobility problems do not have to be afraid of stumbling at the entrance to the cabin. The toughest version of our tray, Mineral PROFI, is also able to withstand the weight of a wheelchair.

Shower tray – in a small or a large bathroom?

Barrier-free shower tray will work both in small and large bathrooms. In the former, it optically enlarges the room. Together with folding shower walls, it will allow more freedom of movement. In bathrooms that are larger, it will provide a modern look. In case of baths, saunas, pool showers, the use of shower trays allows better space management (more showers) and ensures safety (no risk of tripping over the protruding tray).

Choose your new shower tray

Review the models available on Steigner’s website and choose the type of drain you need (linear or spot). Also remember about waterproofing materials. You will need them to protect the bathing area from mold and water leaks. If you have questions about our products or are interested in buying them, write to us or call us. Our consultants will be happy to help!


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