Barrier-free shower tray- a recipe for a modern looking bathroom

Barrier-free shower tray- a recipe for a modern looking bathroom

A barrier-free shower tray is one of the top trends in bathroom design. It has been at the forefront for several years now. To make the construction not only aesthetic, but also functional, it is worth looking into an under tile, floor embedded shower tray. What does a barrier-free shower tray look like and what are the variants?

Steigner barrier-free shower trays

A shower enclosure with a hidden shower tray is gaining more and more popularity, but for many, the only obstacle is its complicated construction. Steigner’s shower trays come with helpful instructions that can save you half the time and work! Depending on our customer’s needs, four barrier-free shower tray models are available. Despite different constructions, all of them have a 2.5% drop, which makes water flow directly towards the drain.

Barrier-free shower tray Mineral BASIC

Mineral BASIC is the bare essentials version of the tray. The board is made of durable EPS material and it has been coated on both sides with a mineral coating as well as reinforced with fiberglass mesh. This construction should be covered with large tiles.

barrier-free shower tray mineral basic Steigner


Barrier-free shower tray Mineral PLUS

This variant is stronger than Mineral BASIC shower panel. The EPS construction, in addition to a double-sided mineral coating and fiberglass mesh also has a sealing layer. Because of it, Mineral PLUS shower tray is more stable and completely watertight. It is a perfect tray for small and large tiles as well as mosaics.

barrier-free shower tray mineral plus Steigner



Barrier-free shower tray Mineral PROFI

A solid and durable shower plate. Mineral PROFI is characterized by the best parameters from all available barrier-free shower trays. The EPS board is covered on both sides with a mineral coating, a fiberglass mesh and an epoxy coating. It can be covered with tiles of any size as well as mosaic.

barrier-free shower tray mineral profi Steigner


Barrier-free shower tray with a waterproofing membrane (a sealing mat)

This innovative model consists of an EPS board, fiberglass mesh and a polyethylene fiber sealing mat. The waterproof sealing membrane ensures 100% hydro-isolation of the board. It is durable, does not damage with age and protects the bathroom from moisture and water. This shower tray should be covered with large tiles.

barrier-free shower tray with a waterproof membrane Steigner


Even more possibilities!

A bathroom design is an individual matter for each client, which is why Steigner gives the possibility of full personalization of a shower panel. Each customer is able to choose the outflow type, its location, the size of the shower tray and its type.

All of our trays are manufactured with a place for drainage (point, line or a wall drain), therefore they do not require any additional treatment. Each Steigner shower tray is available in more than 20 sizes, and per client’s request it is possible to produce a board of any size and shape. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Do you want to place an individual order? Contact us directly!

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