Which door and window seals to choose?

Which door and window seals to choose?

Although summer still prevails, August is a good time to plan autumn preparations. Is your home secured for the winter? It’s better to check your door and window seals!

Windows and doors are the key elements of every building. It is through them that most heat escapes on cold days, while moisture and insects get in. The way to protect your doors and windows is with window seals.

Why is it worth installing window seals?

Correctly installed door and window seals help reduce heating costs up to 30-40%! It is due to window seals that the house is warm and wind does not blow through the gaps. Seals also extend durability of window or door itself, limiting moisture exposure to the frames and also the development of fungi or mold.

In order for the seal to work properly it must be perfectly matched to the size of the gap and made of durable, flexible material. Steigner offers three types of door and window seals differing in application and material they are manufactured from. What are their properties?

Door and window seals from EPDM

Seals for windows and doors made of EPDM material can be mounted in plastic and wooden doors or windows. They have a self-adhesive that allows for the installation to proceed quickly and efficiently. EPDM is very flexible and durable, making window seals hard to deform even though the door or window is often opened and closed. This type of seal does not crumble or age.

Steigner’s offer includes D, E, P and V window seal profiles in brown or white, that can fill gaps from 2 to 7 mm (the seal profile should be chosen based on the size of the gap.

TPE door and window seals

The second type of seals offered are elements from the STD series. Seals dedicated for windows and doors made of PVC, wood or aluminum are created from TPE, a mixture of thermoplastic materials. Thermoplastic elastomers are resistant to deformation and aging, so the seal can be used for many years. Their installation is easy. There are several models offered by Steigner on our Amazon online store that differ in shape, colour and size.

Omega window seal

The last offered type of a seal is an Omega window seal that is made of soft and flexible silicone. This is a self-adhesive, translucent element designed to protect gaps from 1 to 7 mm wide. Its lifetime is determined for about 15 years! As with all the above seals, Omega is easy to assemble. It is distinguished for its durability and aesthetic appearance.

Door and window seals for you!

We hope that this short guide on window and door seals gave you a clearer idea of their structure and application. If you are wondering which model will be the most suitable for you, contact our customer service team and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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