Steigner shower seal will help you solve the problem of leaky showers!

Steigner shower seal will help you solve the problem of leaky showers!

If your shower does not close all the way or is leaky, you certainly will see water on the bathroom floor after bathing. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with a Steigner shower seal. You can do it yourself, inexpensively and quickly. See which shower seals to choose, how to cut and mount them.

Which shower seal to choose?

The choice of the right shower seal depends primarily on the shape of the shower enclosure. If you have a semi-rounded shower, for example in the shape of a half circle or quarter circle, opt for a curved shower seal. In turn, straight seals are designed for rectangular or square showers. Please note that even with the rounded shape of the shower, some of the walls may not be rounded.

If you are looking for door seals, magnetic shower seals are the best choice. A set of two such gaskets seals (one for each wing of the cabin door. In the case of cabins with one-wing doors – for the door and wall) are leak proof. When the shower is closed, the magnets are in contact and their mutual attraction (strength of 24 N/cm) makes them adjoin to one another. There is no leakage anywhere and the door will not open by accident. Steigner magnetic seals can meet at few angles. 90°, 135° and 180° are available.

Of course, the thickness of the cabin wall is a very important parameter determining the choice of the seal. Steigner’s collection includes models suitable for 3.5 mm to 11 mm thick glass. Remember to measure the thickness of your shower door before you buy a seal.

As for the shape of the seal, the choice is very wide. The models differ in the protection. You can choose various ‘wing’ elements that vary from seal to seal and their individual purpose. They are responsible for covering up the gaps between doors and shower trays. Please remember to measure that open space as well. The most recommended thing to do is to purchase a model similar to the one previously used.

Installation of a shower seal – do it yourself!

If you replace worn seals with new ones, you should start with the removal of that seal and any residues left by it. You might have to pry it off – be careful not to scratch the glass. Thoroughly clean and dry the place where the seal was. We recommend using Steigner bran cleaning products for this purpose (in particular a mould remover).

Then the new shower seal simply needs to be put in place. If you have difficulty with doing so, you can coat the glass with a dish washing liquid that will reduce friction. Remember that the mounted shower seal will not move, so make sure you are precise. Of course, you can take off the entire shower seal if something goes wrong. If the shower seal is too loose, you can apply a little colourless silicone to the glass underneath.

Cutting the seal

In order for the seal to perform its function well, its size must be exactly matched to your shower. Steigner shower seals, although made of strong PVC, can be easily cut at any angle. You can use a handsaw or an exacto knife. Be careful not to deform the seal. Trimming the wings is even simpler, because they are softer – ordinary scissors are enough.

Keep your bathroom clean and hygienic in a simple way!

Steigner shower seals are durable. The are made of PVC suitable for every shower model on the market. A wide range of shapes and sizes will allow you to protect your bathroom for many years. You may purchase all our products on Amazon.

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