Small bathroom- 6 ways to decorate

Small bathroom- 6 ways to decorate

When you have huge problems with a small bathroom, there are a few reliable tricks that will create the illusion of a much larger room. Everything matters in the arrangement, and the devil is in the details.

Light colours will make a small bathroom look bigger

When choosing colours of a bathroom, try to pick light ones. They optically enlarge a room, do not overwhelm, and to be honest, dirt or splashes are much less visible on white or gray tiles than on black ones. However, do not be afraid to use more than one colour in the arrangement – it’s worth to experiment! For example, select one wall or part of it and highlight it with a dark blue motif. The most important principle to be followed, is to maintain the ceiling and floor in bright colors.

Barrier-free shower tray

Barrier-free shower trays are growing in popularity around home renovators. Contrary to appearances, this shower does not require a lot of work. How is this possible? Barrier free shower trays are a new way to improve your bathroom by placing a tray into the floor and covering it up with tiles or mosaics. The tray has an already contoured slope angled towards a drain of your choice. Steigner boards are available in three models (Mineral BASIC, Mineral PLUS and Mineral PROFI) and in over 20 sizes.

Each of them can have an outflow placed at a desired location depending on client’s preference. Such a shower occupies much less space than a traditional cabin. It can be enclosed with glass walls or left as an open space. An overhead shower will complete this modern look. You do not need to worry about flooding your bathroom while showering – stream of water from the shower head falls directly onto the appropriately contoured surface and flows down immediately.

A big mirror

This is probably the best known way to optically enlarge a room. A large mirror works like an illusion, reflecting fragments of walls. However, it is worth remembering to keep towels, cosmetics or other small items out of reach. Otherwise, the effect will be completely reversed: an impression of overwhelming disorder. A horizontal mirror will widen the bathroom and will extend it vertically. Proportions matter – try for it not to be too narrow or too tall.

Big tiles

Large, single-coloured tiles are a much better solution for small bathroom rather than patterned mosaics. However, the latter can be used as decorative elements, adding them in a few places.


One of the most important arrangement elements. We know about the influence of light on our mood and perception already, so it is worth to use this knowledge to our advantage. Poorly lit interior is gloomy and small. If you use spotlights (choose only those with a waterproof case!) will give a positive result. Distribute them evenly around the mirror, cabinets etc. Remember:  cool colour will make your bathroom not only look bigger but also cleaner.

Art of minimalism

Less means more. More freedom, simplicity, order … Unfortunately, a small bathroom will remain small regardless of these tricks. Therefore, keep the amount of things in the bathroom to a minimum. Let everything have its place, and it will ultimately look like a thoughtful composition, not a mess. This will be your key to success!

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