Seals in your home

Seals in your home

Drafty windows, rain pouring into the garage, flooded floor in the bathroom after a shower, loud drawers … Everyone knows how irritating these situations cam be. But it takes literally a moment to avoid all this. How? Here are seals that will help you improve your home. They are virtually invisible, but they are very effective.

Window and door seals

Do you know that expertly sealed windows can reduce heating costs by 40%? Window seals prevent heat from escaping from your home in the winter. What’s more, they protect not only against cold, but also insects, rain, humidity, noise, smells. Therefore, choose only the best ones, even if they are more expensive. Cheap seals for windows and doors often do not impress with quality – the material deforms and crumbles, which makes the seal frequently replaced (and hence – bought).

Brush seals

Furniture and sliding doors do not make noise when closing or opening with brush seals. They are the secret to a quiet operation of drawers, cabinets and doors. Thousands of durable polyester fibers ensure minimal noise and protect from breezes or insects. Brush seals are very durable and easy to assemble. They adapt to the surface and their hair is resistant to deformation.

Seals for shower cabins

Every owner of a shower cabin knows how important it is to properly seal it. Lack of a shower seal can end with a flooded floor (in best case scenario). PVC shower seals are watertight and resistant to moisture or cleaning agents. Depending on cabin’s shape the seal that protects it can be curved or straight. If you want to be even more confident that the shower door stays shut, choose a magnetic seal.

An acrylic threshold protects the bathroom floor from water when you decide to build a barrier-free bathroom. The acrylic threshold fits in between the glass walls, does not strike the eye or interfere with the interior design.

Garage thresholds

It is usually too difficult to level the garage door so it’s flush with the ground, so that there is not even the smallest gap between them. A garage threshold can help you with this problem. A hard, but flexible threshold for garages is profiled in such a way as to protect the place of contact between the gate and the ground. It inhibits water, insects, cold air or dust from entering. The threshold does not damage car tires, and driving over it is smooth and gentle. Although Steigner garage threshold is new on the market, it already has positive feedback from owners.

Time for a change!

Warm house, low heating bills, no outside noise, dry floor in the bathroom – that and more you can gain when you decide to opt out for seals that you can protect your home with. Once window, brush, shower and garage seals are installed, they can perform their job as protectors of your home.

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