Sealing rope for a fireplace

Sealing rope for a fireplace

Winter is upon us, and home owners often like to spend cold winter days and evenings by the light of the fire. The smell of burnt wood is unique, but only if a properly sealed fire door secures the room from smoke. Only a professional sealing rope affixed with heat-resistant adhesive will provide such a guarantee.

Which sealing rope to choose?

Although a huge number of different types of sealants are available on the market, the most popular are sealing ropes made from fiberglass or aluminosilicate (ceramic). Unfortunately, the former have a poor reputation when it comes to usage. Fiberglass dust can cause irritation to skin, eyes and airways. Touching the rope without gloves may cause undesirable skin reaction. Also, it is difficult to mount. Fiberglass seals are round, the installation requires practice so that the applied adhesive is not visible on the surface.

Therefore, the second type mentioned, the ceramic sealing rope, is selected more often. First of all, it doesn’t dust or prick. However, professionals always recommend wearing protective gloves during the installation. It has a square cross-section, which greatly facilitates its installation – the adhesive applied is directly under the rope.

The main task of the sealant is to protect the gaps from smoke leaking out of the fireplace. That is why it is so important that the diameter of the sealing rope is properly matched to the size of the hole. Poorly measured rope results in smoke leaking out or problematic closing of the fireplace door. On our Amazon online store you will find sealing ropes in sizes ranging from 6×6 mm up to 40×40 mm.

Installation: rope and heat-resistant adhesive

A special thermal adhesive resistant to constant temperatures up to 950°C (1742°F) is necessary for the installation. The glue is characterized by high adhesion to various types of surfaces. Before starting the installation, remove old sealant and clean any remnants (adhesive residue, rope). Then degrease the surface. Apply the adhesive to the selected fragment and press the new sealing rope to fill the gap. Do this around the opening. Firmly press and let it dry for approx. 48 hours. The adhesive has a chemical composition It is recommended to ensure free flow of air in the room, during installation.

Ceramic sealing rope can be used not only on fireplaces, but also in barbecue grills, smokehouses, fire doors and wherever it is necessary to protect openings from fire, smoke, gas, etc.

If you do not know which sealant size you should choose, measure the gap you’re trying to seal off or measure the old sealing cord. In case of a problems, Steigner’s consultant can help via Amazon online store. All you have to do is call or write us a message. The full range of sealing ropes and heat-resistant adhesives can be found here.

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