Prepare for cold weather and rain – secure your home with Steigner window and door seals

Prepare for cold weather and rain – secure your home with Steigner window and door seals

Autumn and winter are coming, which means rain and low temperatures are on their way. That’s why it’s important to check that your windows and doors are secured. If not, this problem can be solved by replacing the window and door seals. Even durable, solid seals, over time can lose their protective abilities. Thus no longer protecting rooms from moisture, escaping warm air or small insects entering.

How to choose a window and door seal?

When choosing a seal, pay attention primarily to the size of the gap. The window and door seals must be precisely matched to it. It is necessary to choose the shape (profile) of the seal to fit the shape and size of the hole you are trying to seal. Our offer includes seals made of various materials and for various purposes, including:

  • TPE seals – made of a mixture of thermoplastic and rubber, are suitable for PVC and wooden doors and windows. Seals are flexible, durable, resistant to changing weather conditions, they also protect from noise. Depending on the model chosen, they can adapt to different size and shape of the gap.
  • EPDM seals – best for plastic and wooden doors. You can choose seals from several different profiles (e.g. profile D, E, P and others) available in white and brown. They have a glue strip, so they are self-adhesive and easy to install. EPDM is flexible and durable, and the seals do not deform and are resistant to crumbling or aging.
  • Omega profile for windows – silicone gasket for windows is translucent, soft and flexible. It can protect gaps ranging from 1 mm to 7 mm in size, is self-adhesive and durable – its lifetime is estimated for 15 years.
  • Profile I gasket – made of reinforced polyurethane foam, it is soft, waterproof and durable. Designed for 0.5-5 mm gaps, it is available in two sizes – it will perfectly insulate your windows and doors for 2-3 years.

Installation of window and door seals

Once you have chosen the seal there is nothing that’s stopping you from installing it yourself. First, remove the old seal- it should not be difficult to unstick it, you can use a knife or other thin tool. It is important to clean the surface very good so there isn’t any glue residue, dirt or dust left and then dry the surface very well as well.

Choose the width and length of the seal. For an example: P, E, V or D profiles are sold in a double coil, which means that to obtain a single P-profile seal, you should split the purchased belt along the middle. The seals can also be cut freely to a specific length. Also, at the joints (e.g. the door corner) you can cut both strips at a 45° angle. Now all you have to do is put the seals in the gap or, in self-adhesive models, peel off the adhesive securing band and glue it, making sure you do not stretch it too much.

Make sure to seal your home now!

Good insulation of such key places as doors and windows can reduce home heating costs by up to 35%. Steigner window and door seals are available in an online Amazon store. They allow you to avert the leakage problem for many years, and the wide range makes it possible to choose a product that exactly fits your needs.

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