Linear drain- modern trend in bathroom design

Linear drain- modern trend in bathroom design

Do you want to change the interior of your bathroom, but you have no idea how? The choice of style, accessories and layout of the fittings should be considered – after all, you are renovating. If you dream of a real metamorphosis, forget about a bathtub or a shower cabin! Here is a linear drain that will add to the flush-with-the-floor look to your barrier-free bathroom.

Linear drain properties

Steigner linear drain is not only a modern design, but also a high quality craftsmanship. Depending on the type, linear drains are made entirely of stainless steel (SDR90) or steel and PVC (SDR360 with siphon). Irrespective of the type selected, outflows drain water at a speed of 36 l/min. Movable feet allow for adjustment of height. In Steigner’s offer, our clients will find linear drains from 60 to 100 cm in length. All variants are compatible with Steigner’s barrier-free shower trays.  This allows for a modern look free of architectural barriers and easy to use for people with mobility problems.

Two models, six patterns, lots of compositions

When deciding on linear drain, it is worth finding out how all models differ from each other. You can choose between SDR90 and SDR360 models. The main (and only) difference between them is type of a siphon. SDR90 drain is fitted with a metal, fixed in place siphon. Whereas SDR360 variant has a plastic (PVC) siphon with the possibility of rotating around its own axis. The second version allows for more freedom in installation. Each of the models is available with a grill (grate). Steigner offers six types to choose from:

Amsterdam – smooth and devoid of decorations

Berlin – gutter with a possibility of installing tiles

Casablanca – geometric motif

London – pattern imitating drops

Tokyo – a minimalist design

Venedig – in a shape of a wave

linear drain Steigner


Although a linear drain has been present on the market for many years, its now beginning to be used in home bathrooms. The necessity of installing a floor drain is a hindrance for many – profiling the surface with a drop of 2.5% can be time-consuming, but the effect can reward all hardships. A linear drain is a definite favorite of many interior designers.

Steigner – we are here for you!

Are you looking to purchase a linear drain? Contact us and we will advise you on which one to choose. Steigner’s assortment includes materials for bathroom waterproofing (necessary protection from moisture) and shower trays compatible with shower drains.

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