How to cut shower seals?

How to cut shower seals?

Only perfectly matched shower seals guarantee 100% protection from water leaks. And what to do when we find the right model of a seal, but it’s too long? That’s easy – just cut it! This article shows how to cut your shower seals.

Steigner’s shower seals are made of strong PVC, but at the same time are easy to cut if needed.

Shortening a shower seal

Shortening a seal requires trimming of the hard PVC part that snaps onto the glass, and cutting of the soft wings as well. This task is best dealt with by an ordinary hand saw, quite strong pliers or a wallpaper knife. The most important thing is, that when cutting, not to deform the seal. Installment of a deformed or squeezed seal can be very difficult or sometimes even impossible. After cutting, shower seal’s edge might be rough, so it’s important to sand it down before installation.

Trimming soft wings on a shower seal

Shower seal’s drip wing is soft and flexible enough to be cut with scissors. Before you begin, mark where you’d like to cut it with a pen or a marker. If you accidentally cut too much, the drip wing may not cover the gap that it needs to protect, rendering the seal useless. Soft wings can be cut with pretty much any cutting tool, however, tests carried out show, that it is the scissors that allow for best control.

Ask Steigner’s consultants for help

If you can not decide which shower seal model is best for you or if you have any questions regarding the installation of a shower seal, our customer service center is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00. Call us or write us a message. Our consultants will be happy to help you!

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