Garage threshold- securing a garage

Garage threshold- securing a garage

When your garage begins to cool, you can feel the breeze and sand, leaves or snow reigns on your garage’s floor, is probably the moment when it is worth to invest in the garage threshold. What is it and which one to choose?

Effective insulation of a home

Unfortunately, we often forget that if our garage is adjacent to the house, then it becomes an important part in the thermal insulation of a building. Although the insulated version is much more expensive, in practice it turns out to be cheaper. How? A lot of heat escapes through a non-insulated garage door, thus increasing heating bills. A door with excellent thermal insulation prevents temperature from dropping in the house. However, even the best gate does not protect from loss of heat due to the gap between it and the floor. In that case, it is wise to look into a garage threshold option.

Garage threshold- a reliable seal

Garage threshold (another name is a garage seal or a gasket) provides an effective protection. The secret lies in the EPDM material which is used in manufacture of the threshold. EPDM is a lot more durable than traditional rubber materials. Due to its structure, the seal doesn’t deform with passage of time. Car owners can sleep peacefully – the garage threshold in no way damages tires, and the ride itself is delicate and smooth.

What is important is that the garage seal is appropriately contoured. It perfectly adapts to the gap. There are two threshold models – SGD01 for smaller openings and SGD02 for larger ones.

Installation of the garage threshold

Montage of a garage threshold itself is quick and efficient. All you need is assembly glue, a pen or pencil and a length of garage threshold corresponding to the length of the garage door. Clean the installation area and close the door. Then, slide the threshold into the gap from the inside towards the door, press it. Outline the seal with a pen or a pencil and remove the threshold. Place glue in the designated, outlined area and slowly apply the threshold to the floor. Warning! Make sure to attach the ends of the threshold to the wall! Now wait 12 hours before you drive over the threshold for the first time.

Clean and warm garage

When you insulate your garage with an EPDM threshold can guarantee a clean and warm garage. This is particularly important in the autumn and winter season, when the garage is particularly exposed to cold, sand, water and snow.

If you do not know which threshold is best for you, you can write to us with a question via Amazon. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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