Garage threshold: a reliable protection from rain

Garage threshold: a reliable protection from rain

Summer can be rainy, and yet there is still a lot of time until autumn. Are you one of those garage owners, that has to fight off a flood every time it rains? If so, we have a great solution for you. Steigner’s reliable garage threshold  can solve your rain and dirt in garage problem.

Garage threshold – seal off your garage

Steigner’s garage threshold is a floor seal made of EPDM material. It is durable and resistant to weather changes, extreme temperatures and deformation. It does not age or crumble. Once installed, the garage seal can serve for many years effectively protecting the gap between the floor and the garage door.

The design of garage threshold is well thought-out, making its shape match the opening between the door and the floor, securing it from rain and outside dirt and at the same time allowing vehicles to drive through smoothly. At our online store located on Amazon, you will find two models of garage thresholds in two different sizes: SGD01 and SGD02.

Passage over the garage threshold is smooth and safe for the wheels. A delicate bump in no way affects driving comfort. EPDM threshold can be installed in private garages, industrial halls, warehouses and other similar places.

When is it advisable to install a garage threshold?

The main task of a garage threshold is to eliminate clearance between the floor and the garage door. Appropriate fit of the door to the threshold makes the threshold become an impassable barrier for water, dirt, snow or insects.

Garage threshold is also a good way to lower heating bills. How? By leveling the gap in the gate, we simultaneously block a route via which heat escapes. This is especially important in houses that have an attached garage. A sealed off garage maintains a constant temperature, does not require additional heating and “does not steal” heat from the residential part.

Warning! Garage threshold is effective with rainfall that doesn’t exceed its own height (it works perfectly during typical rains). However, with long-lasting and strong storms, there is a risk that the water may enter a garage through the side gaps. It is recommended to secure those areas with additional seals.

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