Brush seals- is it worth it?

Brush seals- is it worth it?

Are you annoyed with loud drawers? Tired of a sliding door’s noise? All you need is one small thing to eliminate those bothersome sounds – brush seals.

Secret lies in the fibres

Brush seals consist of hundreds of thousands of thin, soft to the touch polypropylene (PP) fibres. The use of such a durable material makes threads in the brush resistant to breaking or falling out. Thanks to the high density of these soft fibres, the sounds are effectively suppressed. These are not all the advantages of a brush seal. Installing the element in an entrance door allows for a significant reduction in heating costs. They also protect from insects and dirt.

What do brush seals do?

reduce cost of thermal energy
protect the interior from insects
muffle sounds and noises
silence the work of drawers and doors

In our online Amazon store we have prepared various models of Steigner brush seals in three colours: beige, brown, grey. Presented brush seals fit gaps from 5 mm up to 12 mm.

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Fast and efficient installation of a brush seal

The flexible strip on which the fibers are embedded has a layer of strong adhesive protected with a strip of tape. This solution makes assembly quick and easy.

Clean and dry the surface thoroughly before installation. The better you prepare it, the better the adherence will be. Next, place the strip to the surface and peel off the protective tape. Gradually apply the brush seal to the surface. Press down so that the adhesive sticks well. That’s it! A properly installed brush seal can be used for many years.

Why is it worth choosing brush seals?

These durable elements can be called interior’s silent heroes. It is because of brush seals that the work of drawers, entrance doors or sliding wardrobes is much more quiet. Polypropylene fibres are not only soft, but also extremely durable.

Do you have a question about brush seals? Our consultants are at your disposal. Call or write a message to have all your questions answered. We are happy to help you choose the best model.

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