Brush seals: a great solution for quiet furniture

Brush seals: a great solution for quiet furniture

Are you irritated by loud sliding doors in your wardrobe? Can you not stand the sound of drawers opening and closing? Does the cold passes under your door? There is a simple solution for to fix this – Steigner brush seals.

This element can make life immediately enjoyable. It can reduce unpleasant sounds and help keep an ambient temperature indoors.

Brush seal and its properties

Brush seals consists of a flexible strip on which there are thin, durable polypropylene fibers. The bristles are delicate and pleasing to the touch. They are characterized by being resistant to breaking and deformation . The seal returns to its original form every time. A properly maintained brush seal can be used for a really long time.

Why choose a Steigner brush seals?

Brush seals are not only an effective way to suppress unwanted sounds when moving doors and drawers. It is also a proven method to reduce heating costs. A brush seal can block the heat from getting out underneath the door and from cold getting in. It also prevents insects from entering.

Installation of a brush seal

The seal is self-adhesive, which significantly simplifies its installation. Before assembling the element, thoroughly clean the surface. It sticks much better to dry and clean surface. Then, measure and cut off required length. When ready, it’s time to install.

Peel off the security tape and start gluing the brush seal. Gradually, press the seal down to the surface at the same time peeling the tape off the back. Pull the seal and press it firmly on to the surface. This will allow for the seal to stick well and get a firm grip, so it doesn’t peel off.

Find out about our offer

At our online store located on Amazon you will find a wide selection of seals designed to fit your individual needs. Steigner brush seals are available in three different colours: beige, brown and gray. Four sizes to choose from allow you to secure 4-12 mm gaps.

Are you having trouble picking the correct model? Contact our Customer Service Office. We are happy to advise you!

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