Barrier-free shower tray- a great alternative to a classic one

Barrier-free shower tray- a great alternative to a classic one

Barrier-free shower tray in your bathroom? It’s possible. Under tile shower tray is a functional solution for a small or large bathrooms. Barrier-free shower trays make bathrooms look modern and sophisticated adding to the entire room arrangement.

What is a barrier-free shower tray?

Basically speaking, a barrier-free shower tray, also called a shower plate or a shower board, is usually embedded in the floor, ultimately covered up with tiles that are leveled with the floor. Steigner shower trays are designed in a way, so that their installation requires the least amount of time and energy. Basis of their construction is hinged on an extremely durable EPS board (foam polystyrene), which provides the tray with adequate hardness and is also waterproof.

Advantages of barrier-free tray

A contoured surface of the shower plate has approximately 2% drop towards the drain, regardless of its location, which causes the water to flow directly to it. It reduces the risk of flooding to a minimum. Each tray model (and there are three of them, in more than 20 sizes!) has a drain hole. At customer’s request, it is possible to manufacture a board according to their individual needs, like with non-standard dimensions or with a drain in an unusual place.

Shower tray should be appropriately selected depending on its purpose. What does that mean? Steigner offers three models that visually differ slightly, but their construction parameters are completely different. Let’s learn each of their properties.

Mineral BASIC barrier-free shower tray is provided with a mineral coating on both sides and reinforced with fiberglass mesh. The plate is not distinguished by great durability, so it’s a good idea to cover it with large tiles. Other models are dedicated for mosaic tiles. This variant of the board will work in a home bathroom, where it will not be exposed to large and frequent heavy loads.

Mineral PLUS barrier-free shower tray contains an additional sealing layer. It is suitable for tiles of various sizes as well as mosaics. As this model is more durable, it can often be found not only in homes, but also in public places, such as pool showers, hotels and hospitals.

The most durable model is the Mineral PROFI shower tray. Its construction ensures maximum durability, therefore it is a great solution for people who use a wheelchair. There is probably no better shower tray on the market.

Installation of the shower tray

We already know the strong (literally!) aspects of each tray, so it’s time to assemble it. Installation is easy and described in detail in the instructions provided with each product. Main work needs to be done on preparation of the surface – it must be leveled. Secure the edges with waterproof sealing tape, and then install the drain. Pour out and smooth mortar, leaving room for the shower tray. After that’s done, just place the tray on top making sure it’s secured. Finished! Now just installĀ  the tiles and enjoy a beautiful and comfortable shower!

If its still difficult for you to figure out how to install the tray, even with the instructions, please do not hesitate to contact Steigner’s customer care center and we will be more that happy to help you with your project.

Additional elements

How ever many ideas can be conceived for a shower tray, that many shower trays are available from Steigner. If you are deciding to go with this type of a bathroom, you must first plan the outflow shape and location. It can be spot or linear. Currently, the latter is one of the most popular drains chosen by home owners and interior designers. The great advantage of a linear drain is its multitude of designs a client can choose from. See suggestions prepared by Steigner. Among them is also a linear drain type that can have a tile placed into the design, limiting the visibility of the drain to a minimum. What else is worth knowing? Water is drained at a speed of up to 49 l/minute with linear drains.

As we mentioned earlier, it is advisable to choose a rainfall type of a shower head. The vertical stream of water not only looks effective, but is also practical. After placing the shower head centrally over the drain, water flows down immediately, without splashing all over the bathroom.

However, if you are afraid that you will flood everything around while showering, think about glass walls as a form of solution for this problem. Why glass? Glass is transparent, so it will not optically interfere with bathroom’s look. Glass walls are durable and look very tasteful. Panels are universal – they match any decor.

The choice is yours

In summary, a barrier-free shower tray will definitely change your bathroom. It is functional and gives great arrangement benefits. You can cover it with tiles or mosaics, choose the preferred shape of a drain, match fittings to the whole structure. However, when choosing a shower panel, consider the conditions in which it will “work” and select the appropriate model. Installation of the whole set is extremely simple and the effect is amazing!

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