Acrylic threshold: reliable protection for bathrooms

Acrylic threshold: reliable protection for bathrooms

A flooded floor just after showering is unfortunately a common sight in many bathrooms. How to protect bathroom floor from flooding? The answer is simple: by installing an acrylic threshold.

The secret to a beautiful bathroom lies in two things: in a thoughtful and functional design and in the order prevailing in it. We can refurbish or construct a bathroom in accordance with a good design. But maintaining a neat bathroom can be difficult, even after using the shower for the first time. Fortunately, there are some clever and affordable solutions that can be implemented. One of them is the acrylic threshold.

Acrylic threshold to the rescue!

The acrylic threshold is an aesthetic transparent barrier that effectively prohibits water from exiting the shower. The threshold can be installed directly onto the floor (in case of a barrier-free shower) or on the edge of a shower tray in a classic shower enclosure. A transparent form makes the acrylic threshold almost invisible, while fulfilling its protective function. As a result, the acrylic threshold is treated as a type of seal for the shower enclosure.

acrylic threshold for shower enclosure

Acrylic threshold: how to install one?

The installation of the threshold is easy, so you can do it yourself. The acrylic threshold has a strong double-sided adhesive attached to the bottom of it, so it adheres to the floor surface easily and securely. Gluing the threshold to cleaned and dried floor, just under the bottom door seal, takes a quick moment. After installation, wait 24 hours before first contact with water.

We are at your disposal

At our online store located on Amazon you will find two models of acrylic thresholds: 5 mm or 10 mm high (both 10 mm wide), each of them can be 30 cm to even 2 meters long! Steigner’s consultants will be happy to help you choose the right variant. We encourage you to contact us any time you need help.

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